Tracy Rosiene

Tracy is busy creating a series of books for children. Self publishing on Amazon through Kindle Direct Print is allowing her to share her writing and illustrations with a much wider audience. Tracy says " Having the ability to write and illustrate all of the ideas that have been in my head for years is wonderful. I have met with agents in New York several times over the years and they liked my work, but never gave me the chance to be published. Amazon and Kindle Direct Print are amazing."


Tracy graduated with honors from the University of Connecticut in 1985 with a BFA in painting. Tracy has over 23 years experience in fine art and graphic design, also working for several years as an editorial cartoonist. 

For 2 years after 9/11 she created special prints of her paintings and mailed them out to leaders and politicians all over the world, and is recently, sending her artwork out again as she prefers to share her artwork with others, rather than show it in galleries.

Tracy is now working through Tracy Lyn Designs LLC with her clientele in need of graphic design and illustration. She continues to devotes most of her time and talents creating art for charitable organizations throughout the United States.


Tracy is also a 2017 graduate of The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Groton, CT. She has learned different modalities of massage therapy and will be specializing in geriatric massage and just recently completed a continuing education course online in geriatric massage therapy. Tracy is also certified in Reiki and will continue her studies of different forms of energy therapies.